I’m a first-year PhD student at Purdue University in the Department of Computer Science. I’m working on machine learning with graphs under the supervision of Prof. Pan Li. I also work closely with Prof. Miaoyuan Liu. Before coming to Purdue, I worked at Tencent Big Data Lab for a while after receiving my master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, I focus on graph neural networks and interpretable graph learning models.

My Chinese given name is 思奇(siqi), pronounced as 思/si/ 奇/tʃiː/. It’s also fine to call me Aki. My Chinese surname is 苗(miao), pronounced as 苗/mɪaʊ/. Yes, it sounds like “meow” 😸!

🔥 News

  • 2022.07: Awarded free registration from ICML and graduate travel grant from Purdue college of science! Thanks!
  • 2022.05: One paper got accepted to ICML 2022!

📝 Publications

🎖 Honors and Awards

  • 2020.01 Tencent Outstanding Employee (Top 10%)

💻 Experience

  • 2021.08 - Present, Purdue University, Research Assistant, West Lafayette, USA
  • 2019.07 - 2020.05, Tencent, Machine Learning Engineer, Guangzhou, China
  • 2018.05 - 2018.08, Tencent, Machine Learning Intern, Guangzhou, China